eledSQL - The Erlangen Learning Environment for Databases and SQL

eledSQL was created as part of two bachelor equivalent thesises of Andreas Grillenberger and Anja Ufert at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Didactics of Informatics.

About the thesises

The topic "Databases and SQL" is one of the basic topics in the 9th grade of the upper secondary schools in Germany. The applications used for this topic are often typical ones for professional usage that are not designed for educational use, what causes different disadvantages: since the usage of such applications is not possible without adequate knowledge (especially in SQL), it is not possible to use the database during the introduction phase of the topic - except if the database is used as if it was a spread sheet application, so in tabular view only. This often leads to a theory loaded introduction phase that on the one hand cannot motivate pupils, on the other hand they cannot experience the advantages of databases themselfes. The other possibility - introducing into databases by using the tabular view only - has even more disadvantages, because this way pupils cannot even detect the big differences between spread sheets and databases. This makes "Databases" a confusing topic for much pupils because they do not experience the pros and cons of databases compared with spreadsheets themself.

Aims of eledSQL

These insufficiencies lead to the idea of the new and flexible learning environment eledSQL (Erlangen Learning Environment for Databases and SQL) that was developed in order to make it possible for pupils and teachers to use the database from the beginning of the topic, but without SQL knowledge, and until the end of the topic, with SQL. Also the learning environment leaves out functionalities which are - according to the curriculum - not needed for secondary school level in order to increase usability in comparison with professional applications. By using a webbased user interface it is also prepared for use with new media in informatics education, for example tablets and smartphones, and is more flexible than typical desktop user interfaces, because no software installation is needed anymore and remote access can be allowed easily.


The latest version of the manual for eledSQL is available as PDF file (German only).

Download of both bachelor equivalent thesises

Both thesises on which eledSQL is based will be provided on the webpage of the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, Didactics of Informatics.

Download of eledSQL

The download is possible at the Sourceforge Project Page. At the moment, the download is only available with a German language file.